Zaman Production

"Tradition is not worshiping the ashes, but feeding the flames". Gustave Mahler

Zaman Production is an artistic touring agency offering performances of traditional music and dance all over the world. Our aim is propose you the artists the most representative of their genre, and seen in a variety of different ways: popular concerts, sacred music and art, interdisciplinary creations, performances for the young...
It is essential to listen with perception and admiration to the different types of music of the modern world in order to understand the spirituality of the world we live in. We humbly hope our work will help to illuminate this quest

Artistic direction, Alain Weber (World music adviser at Cité de la Musique, La Salle Pleyel and La Philharmonie in Paris, artistic director of the World Sacred Music Festival in Fès / Morocco, the World Sufi Spirit Festival in Nagaur and Jodhpur / India, and Les Orientales Festival in Saint-Florent Le Vieil / France).

Director of production, Jean-hervé Vidal

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