The Silk Route


The Silk Route
A musical and poetic journey
Uzbekistan - Iran - France
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5 artists on stage

Floriane Gaber, lecture
Malikakhon Ziyayeva, dotâr
Ilyos Arabov, chant et satô
Shoddiyora Omonova, danse classique
Sardar Mohamadjani, târ


Artistic direction, Floriane Gaber

Artistic advice, Soudabeh Kia

Whether it is incarnated in the sumptuous city of Ispahan or the noble courts of Boukhara and Samarkand, or again in the nomadic tribes of the Steppes, the silk route remains a symbol of the mythical Orient. This mythical place is conjured up here through tales of ancient journeys, of mystical poems, songs, music and dances.



Quay Branly Museum - Paris (France) 2009

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