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The program " Wasla-s " is a personal approach of the Egyptian traditional musical suite, as well from the point of view of the interpretation as of the composition and of the improvisation. The program consists of three wasla-s, within which fit five compositions of Tarek Abdallah. The first wasla in mode Räst is a tribute returned to Mohamed al-Qasabgi ( 1892-1966 ), most Grand Master of the art of Egyptian ’ üd in the XXth century, by the interpretation of its masterpiece entitled Sama’ ï Räst. The second completely composed by the artist in mode Bayyätï, varying the use of the complex rhythmic cycles rarely used as in Wasla or Istihlal Bayyätï with cycles simple as Walli Gai. Finally, the third, is shared between an instrumental work of Abdou Dagher (composer and Egyptian violinist) and a vocal work of the artist consisted from a text of the Big Egyptian Poet Fouad Hadad.

Composer and Alexandrine interpreter born in 1975, Tarek Abdallah draws his inspiration from the "Nahda" era, the golden age of the art of Egyptian oud solo (1910-1930), which is in the center of his musicological researches at the University Lumière Lyon 2. Awarded a diploma by the House of the Arabic Lute of Cairo in 2005, he now lives in France and he is at present a PhD student in Musicology at the University Lyon 2 and multiplies the experiences connected to the transmission, to the broadcasting and to the popularization of the knowledge bound connected to the Arabic Lute : courses, masterclass and workshops in all the Mediterranean. He also collaborates with artists stemming from the jazz, from the baroque music, from the contemporary dance, from the theater and from the World Music.


Abbaye de Royaumont (FR), Festival Les Suds - Arles (FR), Rencontres de Chants Polyphoniques - Calvi (FR), Festival de Baalbeck (LBN), Maison des Cultures du Monde - Berlin (GE), Festival Speyer er Guitarren Sommer (GE), Grand théâtre de Constantine (AG), etc...


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