The Floating Roots Orchestra


The Floating Roots Orchestra
electro-acoustic musical concept
available on demand

The Floating Roots Orchestra is a musical project directed by the French electronic musician Mathias Delplanque .
Its principle of operation is as follows: in the festivals, Mathias Delplanque set his machines in a dedicated space, a kind of " chill out zone" where festival-goers can come to rest , lie down and listen to music in "different " conditions. Mathias Delplanque plays for long sequences , an " ambient" and immersive music, detached from the timing constraints of classical concerts. The public can come and go as he pleases.
A plurality of microphones is arranged in the center of the space. These microphones are opened to invite artists of the festivals, to share if they wish and improvise musical moment with him . Mathias Delplanque plays the sound made by these microphones, integrates accoustic sounds into his compositions, interacts with the musicians.
The public is invited to attend these musical exchanges without words between musicians coming from different geographical and artistic spheres.

The Floating Roots Orchestra is a group of nomadic music that aggregates and breaks constantly, lives at the present though hazardous and unexpected encounters and meetings.

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