Ma valise est mon pays


Ma valise est mon pays
Samedi 29 february 2020 - Philharmonie de Paris
France - Palestine - Tunisia
on Tour
17 artists on stage

Artistic direction : Ramzi Aburedwan & Alain Weber

Light Design : Christophe Olivier


  • Ramzi Aburedwan, conductor, buzuk
  • Nai Barghouti, song
  • Ghalia Benali, song
  • Rachida Brakni, narrator
  • Julien Breton, calligraphie
  • Rodolphe Burger, song, guitar
  • Mehdi Haddab, oud
  • Amer Hlehel, narrator
  • Kamilya Jubran, song, oud
  • Sarah Murcia, claviers
  • Julien Perraudeau, claviers
  • Ensemble Ramzi Aburedwan
  • Nicolas Draps, violin, electric violin
  • Laurent Tardat, viola
  • Corentin Dalgarno, cello
  • Nawras Ibrahim, doublebass
  • Mohammad Khamayssa, nay
  • Dimitri Mikelis, oud, piano
  • Habiba Ryahi, qanoun
  • Tareq Rantisi, percussions

Zaman Production in collaboration with the Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris


As a freedom-lover, Mahmoud Darwich's wandering words are invoked with dazzling fervour in Ma valise est mon pays, a large-scale concert show orchestrated by the prestigious Palestinian musician Ramzi Aburedwan.

"My country is a suitcase," claims a verse from Mahmoud Darwich, whose entire work is haunted by exile and the quest for the lost homeland - the poet himself having been forced to live for twenty-five years far from his native Palestine because of his writings. A vibrant tribute is paid to him with Ma valise est mon pays, a collective creation directed by Palestinian musician and composer Ramzi Aburedwan. From a variety of backgrounds, several performers - Kamilya Jubran (vocals, oud), Rodolphe Burger (vocals, guitar), Rachida Brakni (narrator), Sarah Murcia (double bass), among others - join Ramzi Aburedwan's musical ensemble to give shape to this cross-border concert show, further enhanced by bright calligraphy.

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