Sacred Ethiopia


Sacred Ethiopia
Coptic and Sufi songs
on Tour
16 artists on stage
4 june 2020 — 20h30
Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique in Paris.
Menzuma, Sufi devotional music

Orthodox choir and liturgical music of Saint Yared


Zaman Production in collaboration with the Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris

With a focus on discovery and spirituality, this evening invites you to explore the rich field of Ethiopian religious music, from the devotional songs of Sufism to the long orthodox liturgical tradition.

This musical journey to Ethiopia begins with the sound of menzuma. Characteristics of Sufism, which is very widespread in the country, these religious songs are primarily intended to pray to Allah and bless the Prophet Mohammed. They are performed by a soloist accompanied by a choir and percussion. In the second part, Islam gives way to Christianity, represented through the tradition of Orthodox liturgical music. Its creation is attributed to St. Yared, a legendary Ethiopian musician of the 6th century, who ended his life as a hermit and devoted himself entirely to prayer, meditation and music. Orthodox ceremonies include religious songs (zema) and sacred dances, which are performed by various instruments (drums, prayer sticks, etc.).

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