Sufi Nile


Sufi Nile
Creation: Music and dance from Upper-Egypt
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12 artists on stage

This performance takes us into the unique universe of egyptian Sufi ceremonies. Opening with the sufi songs of Sheikh Hamed Ahmad, the artists bring us to a trance ceremony led by the music of the two brothers Abdelnabi & Ahmed Ramadan and the dancers of the village of Deir.


Singers : Sheikh Hamed Ahmad, Sheikh Ramadan Abdelnabi, Sheikh Ahmed Abdelnabi.

Musicians : Ahmed Abdel Nabby (Qawal), Ahmed Abdou Abdalla Madany (oud), Aboubakr Migally (tabla), Alaa Abdelnabi (Suffara), Elhamy Migally (duff/riqq).

Dancers : Mahdy Hassan, Ahmed Shawar, Hamdy Desouky, Ashraf Abdelnabbi


Alain Weber, artistic direction  / Aurélie Chauleur, Images and Video


Creation and video at musée du quai Branly in Paris, 2012


Musée du Quai Branly - Paris (FR), Fes Festival (MA), Le Lieu Unique - Nantes (FR), Imago Dei Easter festival - Krems (AT), Ankara ATO Congresium (TU)


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