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"At a time when I was trying to find mysefl, says Divna Ljubojevic, I came to the monastery of the Présentation and then I heard Mother Agniya and the sisters; she divenely sang and then..."

According to Divna, in order to play and sublimate this sacred songbook, one needs innocence and soul virginity and of course a beautiful voice, which brings brightness to this singing.

Born in Belgrade less than fourty years ago, Divna has practised the art of religious Orthodox singing with monks. A strict learning. Then she continued musical studies to broaden her knowledge. From the age of eighteen years old, she has been conducting a choir. Today, most of her artistic activity is dedicated to the choir Melodi, which was founded in 1991. This 10 members ensemble sings works from the sacred Orthodox music, old and contemporary monodies, that is "angelic songs addressed to God". Jacques Erwan


Director of the Choir and Sacred Music Studio Melodi, Divna Ljubojevic was born in Belgrade in 1970. She studied at the School of Music Mokranjac Belgrade and graduated from the Music Academy in Novi Sad. From childhood, she practiced singing with the choir religious monastery Vavedenje where she was educated by nuns who carefully cultivated from the unique style of singing Karlovatz and faithfully singing traditional Russian.

She began directing in 1988, first chorus Mokranjac, with whom she has given numerous concerts both in his country and abroad, and especially the first Easter liturgy under the dome of the Church of St. Sava to Vratchar. Between 1989 and 1991, she led the First Company Chorale in Belgrade, becoming "the youngest leader of a vocal group whose creation dates back to 1853. "With this package represents the most ancient tradition, it gave brilliant concerts, particularly in Greece to the Sacred Music Festivals of Delphe, Kardica and Kefalonia.

As a teacher (music and choral music), Divna Ljubojevic won numerous awards at competitions music schools. In 1997, with the blessing of the Orthodox Bishop of Luka, she founded a choir at the Church of Saint Sava Paris, with whom she gave concerts of liturgical music and Greek slave in Brussels, Senlis and Paris. She also taught choral music at the Academy summer Amilly (France). Today she spends most of his artistic activity Melodi Choir, which she founded with a group of friends and associates in 1991. The Choir is dedicated solely to the works of Orthodox sacred music, ancient and contemporary monodies. Above all, every Sunday, he accompanied the liturgical service.

Since 2000, she has given numerous concerts in Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria,Tunisia, Israel…

His training also reflects its ability to assume the roles of soprano soloist in operas, it provided for the baroque repertoire, singing spiritual Byzantine coins of the Renaissance. With ease, she puts her voice in the service of all directories song lyric.


Théâtre de la Ville - Paris (FR) Ateliers d'Ethnomusicologie - Genève (CHE), Festival de musique religioses i del mon - Girona (ES), Brave Festival (PL), Festival International de Musique Sacrée - Sylvanès (FR), Forde Traditional and World Music Festival (NO), Maison de la culture d'Amiens Scène Nationale (FR), etc...

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