Ghada Shbeir


Ghada Shbeir
Sacred Syriac and Arabo-andalousian songs
on Tour
1 artist on stage

Syriac chants: solo or with one Qanun Player

Arabo-andalous Chants: 4 to 6 artists

Specialist and professional performer of traditional Middle Eastern folks and Arabo Andalusian songs, Syriac and Ancient Maronite chants, Ghada Shbeir has an exquisite talent and the ability to move easily and with professionalism from traditional folk songs to religious chants. She has earned frequent comparison to some of the best Middle Eastern singers.


Comédie De Reims (FR), Scène Nationales la Rose des vents - Villeneuve d'Ascq (FR), Institut du Monde Arabe - Paris (FR), Sfinks Festival - Boechout (BE), Théâtre de la Ville - Paris (FR), Espace Senghor - Bruxelles (BE), Festival of World sacred music - Fès (MA)...

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