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Kaushiki Chakrabarty
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Kaushiki Chakrabarty has been blessed with the rare gift of a melodious voice and exceptional musical talent, which she has developed to the fullest through her arduous practice, beginning in her infancy and being shaped by her Guru, her parents and her unflinching dedication to her art ever since. From her earliest days, Kaushiki was surrounded by the greatest musical stalwarts who immediately recognised her talents, as she could reproduce any musical note which she was asked to sing. She studied at Sangeet Research Academy, at her birth place. Her sensitivity and musical depth lift her to the echelons of the greatest singers of her generation and assure her a place among the grand masters of the Hindustani musical tradition.

Kaushiki is invited to the largest and leading music festivals in India and throughout the world. Her fourth album, "Pure", gained her the sought-after BBC World Music Award in 2005.

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