Instrumental creation Gomungo-Electro
France - Korea
on Tour
2 artists on stage

Mathias Delplanque, electronic music

E'Joung Ju, gômungo

Eric Bodard, sound

E'Joung-Ju is a musician of geomungo, a traditional 6 strings korean instrument. Mathias Delplanque, born in Ouagadougou, is a french electronic musician. Beyond the meeting of two instrumental practices separated by centuries of history, the work of the duo stands out as an original form, draw up the side of the blues, African and Jamaican music, ambient, noise art. Their music is hypnotic, warm, meditative and dancing, an imaginary folk...



Lieu Unique Scène Nationale - Nantes (FR), Musée du quai Branly - Paris (FR), Festival van Vlaanderen - Gent (BE), Stéréolux - Nantes (FR), Grand Théâtre - Calais (FR),


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