Moon Masks


Moon Masks
Ritual of white masks of Burkina
Burkina Faso
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15 artists on stage

Artistic direction : Anne-Laure Bourget, Alain Weber. Light : Christophe Olivier

The griots’ ritual in the village of Bereba

When the moon shines on the maze of huts, lonibells invoke the presence of genies. The griots beat out the rhythm and perform supple, acrobatic gestures in time to the the beat of the drums, the vibrations of the tiohoun xylophones and the women’s incantations. The appearance ofsumbo poa,white masks symbolizing the return to earth of the divinity Do, causes great jubilation….


REFERENCES : Quay Branly Museum - Paris (FR), Les Journées des cinq continents (CH), 2008, Festival Evora Classica - Evora (PT), Brave Festival - Wroclaw (PL)

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