Nomads of Rajasthan


Nomads of Rajasthan
Gypsy poets, dancers and musicians
India - Rajasthan
available on demand
25 artists on stage

Alain Weber, artistic director

Gazi Khan Barna, artistic advisor

Christophe Olivier, ligths

Eric Bodard, sound

Created in 2006 at la Cité de la Musique - Paris (FR)

Poets, travelling performers and gypsy musicians from the north of India

Introducing the bards, dancers, musicians and acrobats from traditional India, this show is a magical voyage of discovery of the Romany‘s ancestral roots.

A wealth of families of artists stemming  from the last nomadic castes  of Rajasthan are still bearers of the ancestral arts which sparkled like the jewels of the ancient palaces but which also met with the harshness of desert rocks.

With the  Pabuji pad of the  Bhopas Nayaks from the Bhat caste (in the  Barmer region), Narayanan – travelling performer from the town of  Chinakalwal (Andhra Pradesh), the  Kanjars (in the  Kota region), Suwa Devi and  Jogis Nats (in the  Jodhpur region), the chakri dance (in the  Jaisalmer region), the  dehru dance by theNayiks (in the  Sekhawati region).


Cité de la Musique - Paris (FR), Cankarjev Dom - Ljubljana (SI), L'Arsenal - Metz (FR), Casa Da Musica - Porto (PT)

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