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Rays Said Outajajt
Berber songs and music from Agadir
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"Remember that poetry is a magic potion; like a soap, it purifies sorrows of our hearts. How can I sort out my dreams? My life seems more than a novel! If someone writes, it is worthy of a film. By God! I am lost, head between my hands !" Rays Said Outajajt

The itinerant tradition of the Rays (or "rways" poets singers expression Amazighe, tachelhit area) is one of the most brilliant poetic traditions of the Maghreb. Heir to the nobility of ancient Chleuhs (Berbers south-east Morocco), the poet declaims rays magnificence with his reflections on life. With this philosophy own free the men, he chanted a poem with a depth vibrant, whose metaphors hallucinantes refer to a humanity linked to the divine. The harsh r'bab, fiddle monotone, the sound of metal and repetitive naqous struck (rim wheel drive) amplifies the harangue of the poet.
Son of Major Rays Outajajt Abdellah, the young Rays Outajajt Said (Said El Mouibarik), aged 25, also excels in the art of r'bab. With his reputation of poet with a warm voice, he is one of the successors of the song of Souss..

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