Mohammad Motamedi


Mohammad Motamedi
Persian music
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Ever since he was born in Kâshân, South of Teheran, Mohammad Motamedi has been immersed in the flamboyant heritage of Persian music. The young Iranian prodigy takes inspiration from traditional songs of artists such as Tâje Esfahani and Ali Akbar Khân Shahnâzi. He explores the depths of radif : a learned traditional persian music, and through delicate moving ballads he juggles between subtle innovations and centuries-old tradition. He performs   with a fine touch and rare skill, today's radiant embodiment of the renewal of Persian traditional music.



Sori festival (KOR), Festival internaional de Carthage -Tunis (TUN), Festival Les Orientales (FR), Théâtre de la Ville - Paris (FR), Babel Med Music / Prix France Musique 2013


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