Sufi Night


Sufi Night
Creation tribute to Sufi arts
Egypt - Morocco - India - Java - Syria...
available on demand
28 artists on stage

From the dervishes of Damas to the great Sufi masters of Upper Egypt, from the Maghrebi brotherhoods to the discovery of the women’s hadras in the Indian Ocean; from the Pakistani qawwalî singers to the Java ensembles, the Sufi riual outdoes itself in musical inventiveness, for “whosoever tastes shall know”


Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tûni (Egypt), Asif Ali Khan & Party (Pakistan), Noureddine Khourchid and The Ensemble of the Great Mosque of  Damas (Syria), Aknazar Alavatov (Tadjikistan) , Sheikh Taha and  his ensemble (Egypt), Massoumeh (Pakistan), The  Fakirs of  Gorbhanga (India), The Syubbanul Akhyar Ensemble (Indonesia), Marouane Hajji and the  Akhawane El Fane Ensemble (Morocco)


Cité de la musique - Paris (FR), Bozar - Bruxelles (BE), Barbican Center - London (UK), Lieu Unique - Nantes (FR)