Violons Barbares


Violons Barbares
An extraordinary contemporary folk
Mongolia - Bulgaria - France
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Violons barbares is a meeting between three musicians from Bulgaria, France and Mongolia. On the traditional Mongolian violin Morin Khur, the Bulgarian Gadulka and percussion the trio brings a refreshing mixture of their traditions both on their instruments and vocally. Most of the compositions are traditional and take you on a journey throughout the world, travelling on the wild Mongolian horses, from the melodic, romantic country of France to the more open hearted soul of Bulgaria and all the places that lay between the three countries. Sometimes the music almost sound like a rock song, although it’s played on acoustic instruments, other moments it’s the pureness of the traditional sounds that gets full attention. The best of three worlds brought together in an energetic way. An irresistible combination!


Vieilles Charrues - Carhaix (FR), Førde Festival (NO), Quai Branly Museum - Paris (FR), Les Suds - Arles (FR), Festival du Monde Arabe - Montreal (CA), Sfinks - Boechout (BE), Kaustinen Folk Festival (FI), Viljandi Folk Festival (EN), Amsterdam Roots Festival (NL), Stimmen festival (GE), TFF Rudolfstadt (GE)...


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