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With Vivi Alida Hasni, Azaria Calista Maya, Mutiara Kamila Athiyya, Ghina Pertiwi Masrifien, Bella Nabila Mulahela, Kharisma Mentari Todanusa Putri, Qonita Zein, Hana Syabila Fazri, Dini Reskasugih and Zulfikar.

Aceh province is located at the northern tip of Sumatra Island. In the 15th century. his port was the most important in South Asia. Aceh has been the place of many cultural and commercial exchanges through the ages and Islam has been present in the region since the 12th century. The arab navigator Ibn Batuta stopped there in the 14th century on his way to and from China.
Originating from this province, Ratoh Jaroh is an impressive traditional dance of female dancers kneeling on the floor and moving in unison like the waves. Performed by the student association Vistrad - Vision Traditional Vocational Education Program - dedicated to the traditionnal living arts, the dance symbolizes the unity, harmony among the ethnic group. The poems are in aceh language and arabic for the part of muslim lithurgy.

Louvre Abu Dhabi (november 2018)

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